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Podcast Segments

Kathaque is a Bengali podcast site. This digital audio platform brings to you exclusive Bengali content, which will be close to the hearts of Bengalis in West Bengal and Bongs across the globe. 

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Shironam in Bangla is what we call Headline. Headlines that attract us even before the original news. Ordinary people are those who create headlines, made stories out of ordinary and extraordinary situations. In this segment we will present stories of common people who are the makers of headlines, 'Shironam'.

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Itihash Chorit

We as Bengalis love to talk about all things Bengali. And the most we love? Our history. The history of Bengal and Bengalis is more than 10,000 years old. We will embark on a historical journey to discover 'Bangla' and 'Bangali' in this segment.

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Bengalis are homesick, Bengalis are travelers, Bengalis love leisure, Bengalis love adventure. In this segment, we will present surprising, hilarious, beautiful, adventurous stories of Bengalis from across the globe.

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Sahitya Patra

Bengalis are incomplete without their literature which makes Bengali culture so precious. Poetry, prose, drama, essays --- the list will be unending. In this segment, we will present seasons on different genres of Bengali literature.


Kamalhaklantor Daptar

Bengalis' sense of humor and wit have always been class apart. How they perceive everyday life, politics, society is unique in its character. In this segment, Kamalhaklanto a fictitious character who can be any Bengali will give commentary on anything under the sun relevant to Benglis in his own style.

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Give Benglis a cup of tea and stories and time will stop. In this segment, we will present stories by contemporary Bengali writers which will enthrall you.

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Bengalis have the most unique taste buds. Bengali cuisine is so versatile that it never stops to surprise. Moreover, Bengalis are foodies and connoisseurs of different types of food. In this segment, we will present everything that will make you hungry and thirsty!

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Bengalis love to talk, love to explore others, bring out unknown stories. In this segment, we will present interviews of popular or lesser known persons whose works are creating a difference.